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Web design in Shropshire, Telford, Shrewsbury

Our clients include:

Shrewsbury Borough Council

Perkins Engines Co. Ltd

Caterpillar Inc.

Shrewsbury Museums Service

SmartWater Europe Ltd

Telford Womens' Refuge

Shrewsbury Pine

Shropshire Blinds

MdeS Architects

Cyberquest UK

Garden Internet Ltd

Universal Beauty Club Ltd

Heartwork Ltd

...and many more

we normally have 2-3 jobs in progress
but don't put them on our main site at until they are finished

Shropshire Web Design

Orangeleaf Systems Ltd are committed to providing best value internet, intranet and extranet design and development to businesses, public sector and individuals in our county.

We promote business through our active role on the committee of the Shrewsbury Business Club, and our voluntary development and support of the online Shrewsbury Business Club website,

Through our partnership with other leading designers and I.T specialists in the town, we can offer efficient, value for money service to the local community.

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Chamber Online Initiative

We support the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Chamber Online initiative, and offer a 20% discount on our design fees for Chamber Members.  Chamber Online covers members in the towns of Telford, Newport, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Oswestry.  Chamber members, please email us on

Shrewsbury Business Web Design

We extend this offer to members of Shrewsbury Business Club, offering 20% discount, free impartial internet advice and cost price domain registration to members.  This means Shrewsbury Business Club membership can pay for itself through the discounts available from us, email us on   Non members, please register to become a Shrewsbury Business Club member at

Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council

We support the local community services, and are committed to the best value development of i-net services for Shrewsbury Museums Service, and Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council.

Shropshire Domains

We actively promote Shropshire though a number of domains, if you are interested in domain registration, please contact us on   We are a Network Solutions domain registrar.

E-Commerce and E-Business in Shropshire

We can supply both business to business and business to consumer web site developments.  For businesses throughout Shropshire and the UK we have supplied complex knowledge management and secure web site design as well as both 'off the shelf' and bespoke retail shopping systems.  Note we can write our own shopping systems and are not stuck using cheap, slow, unscalable and unmodifiable third party applications.

We use SQL database engines, not flat text files, for databases and e-commerce.  We can show you web enabled database applications with a quarter of a million records that free search in under two seconds, on least cost / shared hardware within the reach of most Shropshire businesses and traders.

As a footnote ... we actually have experience of designing E-Commerce web sites, we don't just say we have on our web site; we don't just mention that we use software package X and hope people will think we know how to do e-commerce. We actually do real e-commerce, with on and offline payment systems, and back office systems. Putting up an unsecure feedback form that takes credit card numbers is NOT e-commerce.
Take a look at a live site we have done Smartwater Europe (If you are a biker get this security product).

Macromedia Flash Presentations

Where applicable, where the media is used to enhance and establish the sales effectiveness of a web site, we can produce complex animated presentations using Macromedia Flash. 

VeriSign and Thawte digital certificates

We supply VeriSign and Thawte digital certificate set up for Secure Socket Layer site areas, and back end encryption and customer management systems to business in Shropshire and the UK.

Commercial Offices in Shrewsbury town centre

And finally, we are established in real commercial offices in the centre of Shrewsbury - 7, St Johns Hill (just up from the Exchange and Shrewsbury Market Hall).   Please feel free to pop in to our reception, one of our designers would be pleased to show you what we do.
Note, our designers work full time at these premises - do not be fooled by other 'agencies' being run from home / as a second job / after school or 'holding companies' that do not operate from their office address.

This is a professional web design and software agency not a sideline, privately owned and established since 1997

Web design in Shropshire, Newport, Telford, Shrewsbury

Web Design in Newport

- We design sites for companies in Newport

Web Design in Telford

- We design sites for companies in Telford

Web Design in Ludlow

- We design sites for companies in Ludlow

Web Design in Oswestry

- We design sites for companies in Oswestry

Web Design in Shrewsbury

- We design sites for companies in Shrewsbury